Wildwood Grilling – 6 Grilling Plank Variety Pack

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6 Unique Flavors

Smoke is nature’s original seasoning. The flavor of smoldering wood has been used for thousands of years to season food naturally.

Now, you can enjoy this age-old tradition right at home.

This wood variety pack includes 6 grilling planks, one of each of the following flavors:

  • Cedar
  • Alder
  • Cherry
  • Hickory
  • Maple
  • Red Oak

Each wood type can be paired with different foods to create delectable dishes.

All-Natural American Timber – Completely Food-Safe

Our planks are not only certified food-safe, but they are also all-natural and eco-friendly. We never add any chemicals, additives, or flavors and each of our products is inspected to ensure only the best-quality planks reach your home.

These are 100% wooden planks, just as nature intended.

Not Just for Smoking – Try Our Planks in Your Oven

Our planks are oven-friendly!

Use any of our 6 flavors when cooking in the oven for a delicious, juicy meal and unique flavor that only an oven can bring out of the wood!

Oven planking produces a subtle steamed wood flavor, instead of the smoldering smokey taste you would get from the grill. Bring out the subtle flavors from each plank, give the oven a try for your next meal!

Bonus: Your house will smell amazing from the wood!

✔ 6 Flavor Variety Pack – We include 6 wooden planks, each with a different flavor for all of your grilling and smoking needs! You will receive a sampling of Western Cedar, Alder, Hickory, Cherry, Maple, and Red Oak wooden planks in addition to a free e-book with some of our favorite recipes! Like what you taste? We also offer our grilling planks in bulk packages!
✔ An Excellent Choice for Any Meal – Whether you’re cooking classic cedar planked coastal salmon, other fish and seafood, meats, veggies or more, our large wooden boards are sure to delight at any bbq! If you’re planning on cooking a whole salmon, check out our XL planks as well!
✔ Unique and Thoughtful Gifts – This is the perfect Christmas Gift for Grillers you may know! Delight the Grill Master in your life with this great gift idea! They’ll love the chance to try out all of our different flavors with their favorite dishes!
✔ 100% Natural – Wildwood Grilling never uses chemicals or additives in our products, only all-natural American timber. A smart, healthy choice for your next bonfire or cookout!
✔ Sourced and Manufactured in The USA: All of our grilling planks are manufactured and inspected in a certified food safe facility, here in the US! You won’t find any sawdust or debris in your food, we guarantee it!


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