Kabob Skewers Flat Metal BBQ Barbecue Skewer 16.8″ Long Stainless Steel Shish Kebob Sticks Wide Reusable Grilling Skewers Set for Meat Shrimp Chicken Vegetable, 12 Pack Including Bonus 14-Inch Skewers

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Product Description

LANNEY stainless steel kabob skewersLANNEY stainless steel kabob skewers

If you choose disposable bamboo skewers or wooden skewers, you may get trouble by below issues: Soak for 30 minutes prior to cooking every time; Bamboo skewers get cracked when skewing food; Ingredients keep spinning when flip over the skewers; Wood handles burn up; Skewers are too short.

Now, all you need is just a set of LANNEY stainless steel barbecue skewers to solve all these issues.

kabob skewers stainless steel

kabob skewers stainless steel

kebab skewers kabobs

kebab skewers kabobs

One-piece kabob skewers

One-piece kabob skewers

REUSABLE barbecue skewers bbq skewers

REUSABLE barbecue skewers bbq skewers


The kabob skewers are made of food grade stainless steel that won’t get rusted nor corroded after long term use. Stainless steel bbq sticks are heat resistant so there is no soaking necessary nor burning issue. These strong kebab skewer will not break, bend or twist.


The kebab skewers have nice angled tip which makes it easy to slip kabobs on skewers without having to force them on. So the skewered hole won’t be too big and the skewered food won’t get splintered. But it is not too sharp and won’t cause finger injury.


The 4.8” handle provides max comfort for you, making it easy to maneuver the kabobs. One-piece kabob skewers are easy to grab when you are pulling them off the grill. It is also easy to grip with tongs. The handle won’t get hot, and allows for easier hanging.


The barbecue skewers surface is smooth that food residue won’t get stuck onto the blade. Metal kabab skewers is easy to clean by hand. The kebab skewers are also dishwasher safe. You can use them time and time again. The bbq skewers will be a money saver.

kabob skewer barbecue skewerkabob skewer barbecue skewer

BBQ kabob skewerBBQ kabob skewer


The flat and wide blade holds steady to prevent the food from slipping and spinning when you flip the kabob skewer. It allows you to completely easily turn the barbecue skewer, so your food gets cooked evenly on all sides. The metal blade brings meat to the food at the core, the food be heated both inside and outside faster, better.


The 16.8” long BBQ skewers fit on various barbecue grills or gas stove. They are the perfect length for kabob, long enough to accommodate a good amount of food. The kabob skewer keeps your hands away from the heat source. The length of kebob skewers allows you to leave the handles outside your grill lid.

barbecue skewers setbarbecue skewers set

You will get: 16.8inch long skewers x10, 14inch medium skewers x2, rubber tip covers x12, handy storage bag x1, Instruction booklet x1

The barbecue skewers set is suitable for: shish kabob, meat, beef, lamb, kofta, kebab, koobideh, shrimp, prawn shashlik. vegetables: mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, cucumber, roma tomatoes, potatoes, etc.

LANNEY stainless steel kabob skewers is definitely the best choice for you. You just can’t go wrong with this kebob skewer set. Enjoy you BBQ time with your friends and family. Choose LANNEY, Choose Quality!

【PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL, EXCELLENT WORKMANSHIP】The kabob skewers are made of premium stainless steel which is food grade, rust proof and heat resistant. The heavy duty grill skewers are corrosion resistant and can last long. All edges around the metal skewers are well polished, making the barbecue skewers safe to use. Metal shish kabab skewer is of solid one-piece design. The bbq kabob sticks is thick enough, allowing you put more weight on each skewer without getting bent or twisted.
【FLAT BLADE AND ANGLED TIP, NO SPINNING ISSUE】The kabob skewer blade is flat and wide. The flat barbecue sticks stop the skewered food from spinning or moving around when flipping over shish kebab skewers on the grill. Stainless steel barbecue skewers allow for complete rotation so the food can be evenly heated and seasoned on all sides. The angled tips of these kebab skewers help you to easily pile up without splintering the food. But it is not too pointy so you won’t impale yourself.
【PERFECT LENGTH, ERGONOMIC HANDLE】The 16.8″ long kabob skewers fit various size grills. The stainless steel bbq sticks are of perfect length which is able to hold significant chunks of food. Long barbecue skewers keep your hands away from heat source. Extended length of these grill skewers allows you to leave the handles stay out of grill lid. The kebab skewers handle won’t get hot and your hands won’t get burnt. The ergonomic handle is comfortable to hold and easy to use with food tong.
【EASY CLEANUP, REUSABLE】Unlike wood and bamboo sticks, stainless steel kabob skewers are reusable. The kebab skewers surface is smooth that grilled food residue won’t get stuck onto the kabob skewer blade. After each time’s use, just let these grilling skewers sit in warm water, hand wash with gentle detergent or threw them in dishwasher, wipe away water and keep in dry place, and they’ll come out as new. The metal shish kabab skewers can be used time and time again. Definitely a money saver.
【BONUS ITEMS, SATISFACTION GUARANTEE】This kabob skewers set includes 2 of 14″ kebab skewers as bonus. Total of 12 grill skewers works for shish kabob, shrimp, chicken, fruit, vegetable, meat, beef and more. All of the barbecue skewers come with tip covers for protection. A handy storage pouch keeps these skewers well organized. It’s an ideal Gift for anyone who love to do BBQ. If anything shorts of your expectation, please feel free to contact us. We will send free replacement or full refund.


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