Jealous Devil All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal – 35LB



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All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Pure as Heaven. Hotter than Hell.


Our charcoal isn’t just made – it’s crafted. Only the densest South American hardwood makes the cut to be transformed with a unique carbonization process into incredible lump charcoal. The result? Superior performance: longer, hotter, and cleaner burns, no sparking or popping, minimal ash, and a subtle flavor-enhancing aroma preferred by the pros.

Our charcoal burns so hot it makes the Devil jealous. Now we’re sharing it with chefs, pitmasters, and enthusiasts around the world.

The Devil is in the Details.

lump charcoallump charcoal

Jealous Devil charcoal is forged through a blend of traditional methods and modern innovation. Our Kiln Masters carbonize pure hardwood onsite in small batches with a handcrafted touch. This allows us to ensure superior quality charcoal in every bag – giving you the largest, densest lumps for the best burn in your smoker, grill, or kamado.

Demand a Better Burn.

bbq charcoalbbq charcoal

Our all-natural hardwood lump charcoal:

is made without fillers, chemicals, or scrap wood
is created from pure 100% legally sourced South American hardwood
won’t spark, pop, flare up, or generate excessive smoke or ash for a hassle-free, low-maintenance BBQ experience
will burn significantly hotter and longer due to its incredible density (up to 30% denser than oak or hickory)
provides a pure, natural flavor so you can actually taste of your food instead of your fuel
is the exact same lump used in the kitchens of Michelin-starred chefs and high-end steakhouses

High Performance Heat

Jealous Devil’s high-yield burn means you can use less charcoal to get the same amount of heat, and enjoy long burns of several hours or more without needing to add fuel. Whether you’re a fan of low-and-slow or hot-and-fast, JD delivers the fuel you need for better BBQ.

The Natural Choice Whether You’re a Backyard BBQ Aficionado, Top Chef or Pitmaster.

Jealous Devil pairs perfectly with charcoal grills, smokers & kamados.​ Use it in your Big Green Egg, Weber, PK, Pit Barrel, or nearly any other charcoal cooker – whether it’s a simple backyard grill or your restaurant’s hog-sized BBQ pit.

Thanks to its 100% natural hardwood material, Jealous Devil burns twice as hot and three times as long as traditional charcoal. It’s perfect for that caveman-style reverse sear on your favorite steak or a low-and-slow cook on that competition brisket.

Pro chefs, award-winning restaurants, and grand champion pitmasters all use Jealous Devil charcoal. It’s sought after by anyone that wants precision control over their fuel’s heat and flavor.

WATERPROOF & RE-SEALABLE BAG: Industry-leading waterproof / dustproof packaging with carry handle and zip top closure
100% NATURAL: Pure, ultra-dense South American hardwoods – no chemicals, fillers, or scrap material
PRO / RESTAURANT QUALITY: No sparking, no popping, and low ash – ideal for any grill, smoker, or kamado
SUPERIOR BURN: Twice the cook power (over 7000kcal/g), hotter temperatures (max over 1170F), and far longer burn time (4+ hours open grills / 20+ hours in smokers)
PURE FLAVOR: Mild flavor-enhancing aroma enhances flavor profiles without overpowering them, whether you’re cooking whitefish or brisket – use alone or blend with your favorite wood


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