Grillmore Guys Grill Basket Set. Grill Baskets for Outdoor Grill, 5X BBQ Skewers and Silicone Basting Brush! 13×8.7 Fish Grilling Rack, Chicken Wing Rack, Kabob Grill Grid and Veggie Grilling Basket



Product Description

You Should Grill More Things!


Grill More Things, Anywhere.

Steak, or Steak Chopped into Kebobs? Do BOTH With This Grill-Tastic Bundle

Here at Grillmore Guys, we’re passionate about helping you grill more things, so we came up with a grill basket bundle that gives you the best chance of doing exactly THAT and with a carry bag so you can take it with you and grill more things at everyone’s house too! Or, make them grill for you.

Grill BasketGrill Basket

What’s In The Set?

The star of the show is the grill cage, it fits thick foods as well as thin. And while the thin ones roll around, they definitely won’t roll onto the ground. You’ll also love our handle – the length of our Grill provides it so you don’t have to deal with the heat of a thousand burning suns.

· 13 x 8.7in. Stainless Steel Grill Basket

· 11in. detachable, lockable heat-proof wood handle

· 5x 12in. Stainless Steel Skewers

· 1x Silicone Pastry Brush

· 1x Carry Bag

· 100% Dishwasher Safe

The Details

Grill Basket

Grill Basket

Fish and Vegetable Grill Basket

Fish and Vegetable Grill Basket

Grill Basket, Grill Accessories, Skewers, Basting Brush

Grill Basket, Grill Accessories, Skewers, Basting Brush

The Grill Basket

The grill ‘squares’ are 0.7” (16.8 mm) wide, perfect for getting all that charred flavor onto your food. So vegans, no lentils sorry. Unless they’re smooshed into a delicious vege burger. The cage is 1” thick and perfect for those grill salmon, steak, chicken thighs and fully enclosed for small things.

The Grill Basket Handle

Thanks to our unique handle/neck design (… that we really don’t know what to call) our handle is longer than anyone else. So you can stand at a safe distance holding your basket, or leave it on the grill and pick it up later. It’s heat resistant wood – but still, don’t leave it on a campfire or in a smoker – deal?

The Accessories

We included 5 Stainless Steel Skewers because why not? They’re 12” long and fit snuggly inside your basket. The silicone pastry brush is for sweeping delicious marinades or oils on your food while the bag is for storage or taking your basket to a friend’s house to cook for you.

Grill Basket, Skewers, Basting BrushGrill Basket, Skewers, Basting Brush

Yeah But… Will It Fit MY Food?

Now, some folks want to cook lentils, many love shrimp, while others just want to slap a fat steak in those wire racks. But look, if you want to grill ALL OF THE THINGS, you gotta get your head in the game. Shrimp and vege will NEVER be as thick as a steak – ok? At 13 x 8.7” our grill basket holds more food than most, and at 1 inch deep, it fits THICK food. And If you’re grilling shrimp or vegetables and it’s time to flip them, YES of course they will roll around. Complaining is futile!

Easy To Grill, Easy To Clean, Easy To Love.

Because we used strong 430 Stainless Steel and silicone for the brush, your basket, skewers and brush are all dishwasher safe. And if it’s a real mess, you can start by hosing it off outside. But hey, make life easier, and use a non-stick spray before loading up your basket. Handwash the wooden handle so it lasts longer because dishwashers hate wood.

Now, get out there and grill ALL. OF. THE. THINGS! Hot dogs, sliders, ribs… heck, why not a small pizza? Grill HARD like there’s no tomorrow!

Grill BasketGrill Basket

GRILL ANYWHERE! The Grillmore Guys want you to GRILL MORE things! So we put together a fun grill net bundle that lets you do exactly that! It includes 1x Large Grill Basket, 1x BBQ Brush, 5x 12” Kebab Skewers and 1x Nylon Carry Bag so you can take your grill to any fireside or BBQ and grill ALL OF THE THINGS!
WHICH FOODS FIT? Some grill baskets are too big for shrimp, some too small for chicken. We’ll let you decide if our basket is right! At 13 x 8.7” it holds more food than most, and at 1 inch deep fits thick foods like meat, salmon, chicken, kabobs and Brussels sprouts and small foods (with wiggle room when flipped). The grill mesh features 0.7” squares so you can grill more things fast – but probably not beans!
LONG LOCKING HANDLE! The handle on our bbq basket is 11” long and wooden to protect from burns. But don’t put it INSIDE your smoker or sitting on a campfire, deal? Detachable and Lockable it lets you leave your grilling baskets hands-free on your cooking surface, or flip things over without worrying about food falling out. And our unique design makes it longer than all our competitors!
DISHWASHER SAFE: Made from strong 430 Stainless Steel, you can pop your fish grill basket in the dishwasher. Of course – you may need to remove the handle and soak first if it’s chargrilled! Many people simply hose it off – you do you! Use non-stick spray to make grill life easier for yourself.
NEVER. NOT. GRILL! Whether you’re using it as a vegetable grill basket, chicken, steak or fish basket, burger holder, kabob grilling baskets to grill skewers or shrimp, or even a meatball grill basket, try this bundle now from Grillmore Guys, and then get out there and GRILL MORE THINGS!


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