GRILLART Grill Basket for Vegetables & Meat – Large Grill Wok/Pan for the Whole Family – Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Veggie Grilling Basket Built to Last – Best BBQ Accessories for All Grills & Smokers



Product Description

grill basketgrill basket

Are you sick of losing your precious pieces of food through the grill grates such as veggies, shrimps, etc.?

Or are you tired of dealing with the skewers and awkward aluminum wraps?

If you say “Yes”, then you’re in the right place!

Taking our grill basket home is a simple way to attain delicious and crispy vegetables without making a mess.

It allows the heat to reach the veggies and lets the food absorb the smoky flavor and become more flavorful, but prevents food pieces from falling into the fire.

Get a grill basket that can help you eat more vegetables, get you a healthier lifestyle!

How to prevent food from sticking to the grill basket?

1. Spray a very light layer of olive oil (or any other cooking oil) on the basket before grilling

2. Preheat the basket

CAUTION: The grill basket will get very hot. Heat resistant gloves should be wore when handle it.

Why do you choose us?


Extra thick stainless steel for long lasting

Can withstand high temperatures without burning through or warping out of shape

The Size:

Big enough to hold an appropriate quantity of vegetables, but still small enough to fit on your grill. (Make sure to measure your grill before purchasing.)

The Depth:

Deep walls keep your food inside the basket and allow for efficient mixing. You can cook your food more evenly

The Handles:

Wide enough to allow for a comfortable lift and easy movement of the basket

The Holes:

Large enough to let marinade drain and allow heat to get through, but still narrow enough to allow you to toss without losing small pieces of veggies through the openings


Smooth and has no burrs or sharp edges around holes. You won’t cut your fingertips.


Dishwasher safe

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Stainless Steel

Extra Thick Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel


Everything You Need for Grilling

Lockable Tongs & Fork & Multi-Purposed Spatula & Silicone Basting Brush

2PCS Grill Mat

A Bristle Free Grill Brush

2PCS Grill Mat with Small Holes


Complete & Portable & Professional Looking

18″ Extra Long, Extra Solid & with Upgraded New Design & Even Great for Daily Use

Thick & 100% Non-Stick Surface & Support Up to 600℉ Peak

Safe & No Wire & With an Efficient Wide Scraper

with Small Holes to let delicious smoke in & Thick & 100% Non-Stick Surface & Peak Temp Up to 600℉

Make A Perfect Gift For Him/Her

【No More Food Dropping – Grilling Veggie so Easy!】: Still suffering from veggie dropping through your grates? Or trying to cook veggies in the kitchen and grill the main course in the garden to avoid this problem but you have to rush franticly between? Oh, stop! Just get our grill basket home, and put all your side dishes in it, then you’re able to grill them beside the main course on your grill. No more need to cook twice or run around like a crazy person, you’re all set for a great party!
【More Flavorful Food? Got it! 】: Using a grilling basket with perfectly sized perforations, not only save you from trouble of food falling, but allow excess water to run off and delicious smoky flavor to get in. Your food will look and taste better with flavorful char and a touch of smoke that you can’t get from cooking on the stove. Wanna be the man they called “catering genius”? Oh, just get it!
【Less Clean Up, More BBQ Possibilities】With our grill basket that can grill anything, you barely need to cook anything inside in the summer months, save you a lot of kitchen clean up. You can do all veggies in this, toss and turn them around to cook them evenly like stir-fry. Or toss the meat and veggies with your favorite marinade and place them in our grill basket instead of spending an hour threading them on a skewer, you’ll get that perfect kebab sear minus the gooey mess from the skewers!
【Built for Lasting – Heavy Duty Stainless steel & Reinforced Corner Brackets】:Heavy duty 100% stainless steel means it can withstand the high heat /handle any grilling job without burning through or warping out of shape. Retain heat and cooks food fast. Great for Camping! Reinforced corner brackets ensure it will stay integration and hard to fall apart. When you hold our grill basket, you’ll feel nothing but quality, because we know as a real grill enthusiast like you, only the best deserve you!
【100% Money Back Guarantee】: You’re very welcome to message us for a full refund or a satisfactory replacement if there’s any problem, but we’re sure this will certainly be your favorite BBQ tool ever! Click the “Add to Cart Button Now”. Consider getting TWO – one for you and one for your very best friend. (Dishwasher safe)


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