Eating Primal Grill Mats | BBQ Mat Accessories Set for Gas & Charcoal Grills | Outdoor Grilling Tools & Accessories Non Stick Extra Large Reusable Grill Pad Kit

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EatingPrimal grill mats are the industry standard in quality and performance.
Not only that but we are also including a gift of our all new grill tongs with every grill mat set. More value. Same high quality our customers have come to trust.
Every grill mat is washable, reusable, and heat resistant up to 500 degrees. Its low friction non-stick surface does not require sprays or oils to be effective – just grill your favorites worry-free knowing your BBQ masterpiece won’t get mangled with every flip of your GrillMat bonus tongs.

By grill anything worry-free – we mean anything from veggies, ribs, steaks, seafood, and even eggs – you name it and GrillMat is up to the job. Make no mistake about it, you won’t sacrifice quality cook for easy cleanup.
EatingPrimal grill mats thermal conduction technology ensures an even seer and perfect cook through every single time. Not only are EatingPrimal grill mats the standard in grilling they are also 100% PFOA free and SGS approved.

Clean up is a breeze. No more scrubbing, scraping and brushing your grill for hours each summer after you grill out. Just remove the grill mat, rinse in the sink, and put in your dishwasher. If you don’t have a dishwasher, cleanup is still quick and easy. Just use hot water and some dish soap and the EatingPrimal grill mat will be just as clean as when you first took it out of the box.

Our top-grade performance grill mats will work on any gas/charcoal grill including Char-Broil, Weber, Porcelain, and many more. It’s time to make all aspects of grilling fun and easy – including clean up.

Experience the EatingPrimal difference today.

Non-Stick GUARANTEED: Keeping your grill clean has never been easier. Eating Primal BBQ sheets feature an extra large adhesion resistant surface that prevents steaks, burgers, and vegetables from sticking regardless of temperature. Premium performance was the primary goal with our top quality grilling mats – even kabobs will rotate freely allowing the perfect sear on all sides.
Reusable & Ultra Durable:Enjoy years of worry free non-stick grilling with Eating Primal barbeque mats. These rugged grill mats work on any grill from gas to charcoal and are built to last. Our proprietary heat resistant polymer allows for hundreds of uses with each use being just like the first in terms of performance. Eating Primal grilling sheets have an extra large surface that fits any grill and will even work great in your oven as well!
Ultimate Grilling Accessory Set:For a limited time only – get a bonus set of quick lock grilling tongs with the purchase of Eating Primal BBQ pads. Each set of grilling tongs is stainless steel and also features non-stick coating for smooth cooking every time you hit the grill. Now you have everything you need to entertain guests or feed the family during a fun outdoor cookout.
Fast Cleaning & Dishwasher Safe: Not only will our premium grilling mats keep your BBQ, gas grill, smoker, or fire pit grate free of charred food – they are 100% dishwasher safe. No more scrubbing and scraping before & after each cookout. After each use just rinse off and slide into the dishwasher. With Eating Primal outdoor cooking will be about grilling the perfect meal – not spending hours with cleanup.
PFOA & Silicone Free: Enjoy cookouts with complete peace of mind knowing that Eating Primal BBQ grilling sheets are PFOA free, Silicone free, and SGS approved. Our exclusive fiberglass micro-weave construction can easily tolerate heat of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit while still maintaining optimum performance and giving you that perfect juicy off the grill taste every time. Don’t compromise on quality – get Eating Primal and taste the difference of premium quality today.


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