Culinary Natives | BBQ Grill Gloves, Meat Claws, Digital Thermometer, Timer, Brush | The No.1 Grilling/Smoker Accessories Kit for Pulled Pork, Brisket, and Ribs




☑️ Ultimate Flavor: Master the Grill.
☑️ Precision Control: Optimize Your Recipes.
☑️ Heat-Resistance: Total Protection.
☑️ Bigger & Better BBQs: Awe Your Friends.
☑️ The Perfect Gift: a BBQ Guy or Girl’s Dream.

🔥 Be the BBQ King with Summer Parties, Smoke Sessions & Flame-Grilled Cookouts


2 x BBQ Gloves (with Dual-Layer Cotton Layer)
2 x Meat Shredder Claws
1 x Digital Thermometer
1 x Magnetic Timer
1 x Baster Brush

🔥 Silicone Gloves: Textured 5-finger surface improves your grip, whilst the insulated cotton-lining provides extra padding & comfort! Strong, washable & greaseproof. A fusion of ease, strength & protection! Heat resistant to 475°F / 246°C.

🍃 Meat Claws: for succulent pulled pork, chicken, or turkey. Move large roasts of meat to your plate, then shred them apart in a flash! Robust, razor-sharp, and dishwasher safe!

🌡 BBQ Thermometer: Monitor temps like a pro, take control of the grill and cook to perfection! Cook any recipe instantly and switch between °F / °C in a heartbeat. Save power with the auto-shutdown feature, and unlock ultimate flavor & texture with this smart meat thermometer.

⏱ Magnetic Timer: Stick it to a cool magnetic surface, or hang it next to the BBQ. Portable, fast, and easy to use with a loud buzzer!

👨‍🍳 Baster Brush: Coat your favorite meats with generous amounts of sauce/glaze! Lightweight grip with a wide & efficient spread! Made with stain proof, easy-to-clean and odor-free silicone!


A thoughtful & unique present for you and your family/friends. A great gift for guys, girls, BBQ lovers, meat smokers and grillers! Share happiness with the Ultimate 5-in-1 BBQ and Smoker Accessories kit.


🔥 DUAL-LAYER COTTON-INSULATED GLOVES: Do you handle hot meat on the grill? Protect your hands with BBQ gloves that have HEAT RESISTANT COTTON LINING to protect your hands from heat! Keep your fingers safe with extreme heat resistance to fire, charcoal & hot smoke! These INSULATED PADDED GRILLING GLOVES are fireproof, waterproof, soft, and comfortable. Equip yourself with thermal BBQ gloves that provide TOTAL PROTECTION vs. non-padded silicone gloves.
🍃 MEAT SHREDDER CLAWS: Shred meat with ease! Make JUICY PULLED PORK, and swiftly shred beef brisket, pork, and chicken like it’s cotton candy. Flip hot food on the grill and keep fingers safe with these RAZOR-SHARP MEAT CLAWS. Lift a hot roast from grill-to-plate: then tear it apart in a flash! Strong & lightweight with rapid shredding power!
🌡 BBQ THERMOMETER: Monitor temps like a pro and be the BBQ boss with accurate readings to +300°C / 500°F. Get ULTIMATE FLAVOR & TENDERNESS. Unlock your grilling potential and produce BBQ, grilled and home-smoked meats. ADD CRISP, CRUNCH & CHARACTER to every meal and hone the quality and precision of YOUR cooking.
⏱ DIGITAL TIMER & BBQ BRUSH: Unlock perfectly-timed food with a BBQ timer that’s LOUD & PORTABLE. Stick it to the cool side of the grill with a strong MAGNETIC STRIP for grills, BBQs and outdoor smokers. We’ve bundled in a heavy duty silicone basting brush to round off the kit for sticky sauces and mouthwatering marinades! Level up your grill game with the ultimate collection of grilling & smoking tools.
👨‍🍳 MASTER THE ART OF BBQ: Are you looking for the perfect Grill, BBQ and Smoker Accessories combo? We have you covered. Flame the competition with the ULTIMATE BBQ SMOKER ACCESSORIES. This power set contains two Premium Dual-Layer BBQ Gloves (with insulated cotton-lining), Meat Claws, a BBQ Thermometer, Digital Timer, and BBQ Basting Brush. Elevate your grill game and achieve BBQ perfection! The all-in-one set for Grills, BBQs and Wood Pellet/Electric Smokers.


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