Cuisinart CMD-112 Melting Dome, 12″

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Cuisinart CMD-112 Melting Dome, Stainless Steel Features: 12″ diameter|Stainless steel|Concentrates heat to cook evenly|Infuses smoker flavor

12.25-INCH DIAMETER: The melting dome has a 12.25-inch diameter, allowing it to cover a large grill area. The dome’s rolled edge sit comfortably on any flat surface, including skillets.
STAINLESS STEEL: It’s made from hard working stainless steel for years of use. A great addition to the grill kitchen.
COOKS FOOD EVENLY: The shape of the dome traps heat to cook food more quickly and evenly, as well as melting cheeses to perfection.
INFUSES SMOKER FLAVOR: Traps the smoke of a grill so that foods are infused with delicious smoky flavors. Perfect for those who love cheeseburgers.


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