Cuisinart CGT-600 Cookware, Inch, Non-Stick Grilling Pan Set, 9 x 9 x 2



The Cuisinart Non-Stick Grilling Pan Set non-stick ceramic coated pans are a great addition to your grilling tools. The perforated pan is ideal for cooking bite-sized wok-style foods without having them fall through the grate while enhancing the natural grilling flavors. The sauté pan can be used as a lid to seal in heat and moisture while using the perforated pan. The sauté pan is great for keeping the juices in while cooking, perfect for sauces, baking a crust-less quiche, and more! To steam, place the sauté pan down first with about 1/2″ of water or any type of liquid then place the perforated pan over it. Add your chicken, fish or veggies for a simple way to steam on the grill.

MULTI-USE SYSTEM: The sauté pan converts to a lid when you want to trap in extra heat, smoke, or moisture.
NON-STICK SURFACE: Food won’t stick to these ceramic-coated pans making clean up a breeze
STYLISH PAN SET: These stylish 9″x9″x2“, pans are great for your next barbecue!
STEAM: Add water to the sauté pan then place the perforated pan on top of it, this makes for an easy way to steam food like vegetables


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