COALVOYAJ 17 Inch Skewers for Grilling – Pack of 10 Stainless Steel Kabob Skewers with Storage Bag

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Big Poppa Smokers

👉 Specifications:
Material: Stainless Steel 430 grade
Length: 17″ including 4″ Long Handle
Width: 1″
Thickness: 0.35″
Color: Silver
Weight: ~50 g Per Skewer

👉 Package Includes:
– 10 x Grill Skewers
– 1 x Storage Bag

👍 Grill Better, Proper and Faster!

👍 Designed to Meet All Grilling Needs!

Chef’s Choice Barbecue Skewers: Great for a professional grilling routine. The skewers are sturdy enough to resist bending on heavy meat loading. No more struggling in removing food off the skewer. Its smooth finish makes it easy to slide off grilled food.

Storage Bag: Has it ever happened that your grill is ready, but you cannot find your skewers? Again, we got you covered. Organize your bar b que skewers in the handy bag that comes with it. The Velcro at the top makes for safe storage.

Ultimate Grilling Experience: No more splinters! Unlike wooden skewers, stainless steel skewers do not leave splinters in food and prevents food residue them.

Dishwasher Safe: Tired of cleaning food bits stuck on the skewer handle? Not anymore. Made of a single piece of stainless steel that runs continually across the entire stick, our skewers ensure maximum hygiene and cleanliness. Cleaning them is a breeze. Wash them using a detergent or toss them in a dishwasher, safe either way.✅ Premium Quality: These metal skewers, made of food-grade stainless steel, do not give food a metallic taste. The skewers are corrosion proof and highly resistant to high temperature deformation. Your investment in these skewers won’t be a bad one.
✅ Flat Blade BBQ Skewers: Grill quickly and evenly. Sharp wedge tips allow you to put food on easily. Unlike round blade skewers, flat ones prevent food from spinning and falling off. It makes sure that food is cooked properly from all sides.
✅Ergonomic Construction: The wavy handle makes handling easier. These shish kabob skewers are long enough to protect your hands from the grill heat. It also allow you to flip them easily without taking off the grill lid saving you time and energy.
✅ Right Size: For proper grilling, the size of the skewer matters a lot. These 17-inch skewers are the perfect length to fit most grills and are long enough to hold a significant quantity of meat and vegetables.
✅ For Indoor and Outdoor Fun: Fond of camping? This set of kebab skewer has you covered! The pouch makes storage convenient for those grand outdoor barbecues. Use these metal skewers for grilling meat, veggies, shish kebab, shrimp and much more.


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