Butcher BBQ | Grilling Addiction Rubs and Seasoning Barbecue Mixed Spices Gluten Free




The flawless blend of spices gives the best bbq flavor. Onion, garlic, black pepper and lemon combination makes it just right. Sprinkle and let it rest for an hour before cooking. The matchless seasoning blends can be used on any meal. It is made in America. 2 times world food championship winner of national barbeque associations “award of excellence”.

Nutrition facts: about 94 serving per containers serving size 3g. Amount per serving calories 5. Dual lid for either pouring or shaking.

MAGICAL BLEND – To get the ultimate taste blend the seasoning with any food. It is perfect for all steaks, chops and chicken. It melts perfectly into the food which enhances the entire flavor of the dish
FLAVOR- It has a refreshing flavor with a blend of garlic, salt and onion. It tastes great with all food especially with grilled food
INGREDIENTS – Salt, garlic, onion, monosodium glutamate, sugar, Worcestershire and soya sauce powder, black pepper, disodium guanylate, beef flavor, silicon dioxide lemon peel and soybean oil
DIRECTION- It is very easy to use. Just sprinkle the grilling addiction and cook the delicious food. Let it set for an hour before cooking. It gives the awesome mouth watering taste to remember
BBQ GLUTEN FREE PRODUCT- All our products are gluten free. It is essential for keeping diet healthy and hygienic


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