BBQ Rub and Spices Gift Set of 4 ~ Gift Set by High Plains Spice Company ~ Gourmet Meat and Veggie Spice Blends & Rubs For Beef, Chicken, Veggies & All Recipes ~ Spice Blends Handcrafted In Colorado




At Last! Healthy, Flavor-Filled BBQ Captured In A Bottle!

Aren’t you tired of plain meat BBQ options? Veggies and store-bought sauce or mustard can only do so much.

You’ve likely passed by BBQ spices in some aisle in the grocery store, but you probably think that cooking with spices is reserved for professional chefs.

Well, think again!

At the High Plains Spice Company, we are here to help you achieve BBQ mastery! How?

By offering you our unique, gourmet, 4-Pack Spice Gift Set!

Here’s Just A Prelude Of What’s In Store For You:

  • PIG TICKLE: We, too, snicker each time we read its name! This blend, though, is a lot more than just being the perfect rub for various cuts of smoked or slow-cooked pork and beef cuts, such as ribs, pork shoulder or brisket. It’s an all-around perfect seasoning for burgers, chops, steak, chicken, or anything else on the grill…even –gasp! –veggies!
  • MONTREAL SEASONING: Pair it with a juicy steak. Dress burgers, pork chops and chickens. Sprinkle it on fries or veggies. Then thank us!
  • BURGER SEASONING: Well – it’s in the name! Take out your secret weapon on your next burger-themed dinner party and watch as everyone will devour every last piece. Hickory smoked salt and brown sugar add a certain flavor complexity and sweetness that no one can resist!
  • BUZZED SEASONING: What’s its secret? A nice, coffee kick! Bite into your grilled meat and feel a burst of coffee tingling your taste buds, while the slightly hot after taste will have you asking for MORE!

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EXPERIENCE ORIGINAL BBQ FLAVORS: Think you’re a BBQ master? Well, there’s certainly a lot more you can do to transform all your favorite meat recipes. Our proprietary spice blends were thoughtfully crafted with BBQ lovers in mind! After trying each blend just once, it’s certain you’ll never go back to cooking without them ever again!
GOURMET SPICE BLENDS : You won’t find anything like our spice blends on any big-store shelf. We handpick the most exclusive spice varieties and source them from our trusted suppliers from around the world. Then, we painstakingly mix them at perfect ratios, optimized after thorough experimentation – and lovely cooking sessions! – to make sure you get the ideal blends for mouth-watering BBQ dishes!
SMALL, FRESH BATCHES: We strive to provide you with the finest blends and highest quality of international spices available on the market. Each ½ cup glass jar bottle of every set is labelled by hand, in our family-owned business based in Colorado, USA! We go to great lengths to ensure the freshness of our products, prioritizing your satisfaction and holding your trust in great esteem and thanking you for supporting small, US-based businesses!
HIGHEST QUALITY: Free of ANY Artificial Colors, Preservatives, Fillers, Anti-Caking Agents, or MSG, all of our spice blends are Gluten & GMO-Free! Revel in the true depth of BBQ flavors and provide your family with authentic taste, free of any chemicals and synthetics found in pre-made, store-bought blends!
IDEAL GIFT SET: Give the gift of flavor! More than just treating your loved one’s on their special day, this set makes for the perfect present to yourself, too! Experiment with all cooking possibilities and perfect all your favorite recipes with your signature, spice blend touch! So Don’t Waste Another Minute & Claim Your Own BBQ Spice Blend 4-Pack Now!


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