8 Piece Ultimate Grill / Smoker Set – Non-Stick Grilling Mats, Silicone Grilling Gloves, Meat Shredder Claws, Basting Brush, and Tongs with Reusable Travel / Storage Tote





Explore your creative freedom knowing you can grill delicate food like fish without worrying about it sticking to your grill grates. AND you can add small items like cut up vegetables without losing any food through the grates!


Our tool set comes with everything you need to fire up the perfect outdoor meal! When your done at your own home pack everything up into the storage case and take it with you to make any dirty old public grill into a clean place to enjoy your time with family and friends.


Know anyone else who enjoys their grill or smoker as much as you do? The Cooking With Fire Grill Set is a perfect gift for the backyard enthusiast or someone who is just starting to appreciate their very first grill. Give one to your favorite family member or your new friend that just invited you over to his BBQ

GET THE MOST OUT OF YOUR TIME AT THE GRILL-ORDER NOW!AMAZING VALUE! – The Best Grill Mat & BBQ Tool Set Available – All The BBQ Tools You Need For Grilling, Smoking, and Shredding A Great Outdoor Meal Anytime! TWO NON STICK GRILL MATS – No more food dropping into the fire! – Heat Resistant BBQ GLOVES – Grab ribs or brisket right off the grill! BASTING BRUSH – Perfect for adding secret recipe BBQ sauce! Heat Resistant Silicone Handle TONGS – Keep your hands cool while turning your food. MEAT SHREDDER CLAWS – Makes pulled pork or chicken a snap!
VERSATILE- Works with any type of grill – Weber, Traeger, Gas, Charcoal, Electric, Wood, or Smoker! After you’re done making the perfect meal outside bring them inside to use in the kitchen! The gloves become perfect oven mitts for easily handling hot pots and pans, food, cookie sheets etc. You can also use your grill mat as a baking mat in the oven.
SAFE AND DURABLE- Set your mind at ease because all our BBQ and smoker accessories are safe and made from premium materials. Our grill mats are made with FDA approved PTFE-fiberglass coating and contain no PFOA or other dangerous chemicals. The Tongs, Brush, and BBQ Gloves are made with stainless steel and food grade silicone.
EASY CLEANUP- Enjoy more time at your grill or smoker and less time cleaning-no more scraping and cleaning your grill grates after each use. Once you’re done grilling simply wipe the mats down with a paper towel and place everything on the top shelf of your dishwasher. Just like magic you can transform that dirty, grimy old grill at park or campground into a nice clean place to enjoy cooking and eating with friends and family!
STORAGE CASE- Our custom roll-up storage case makes it easy to keep all your grilling accessories together. You’ll love having everything all in one place whether it’s to use again in your own backyard or taking your grilling tool set to a friends house, clubhouse, or park! Makes a great GIFT IDEA also!


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