20 Skewers Stainless Kebab Khorovats Shashlyk Barbecue BBQ (23″/60cm Long)




Big Poppa Smokers

A set of 20 High Quality Stainless Steel Skewers imported from Germany. These are considered the classic kind of skewers, the twist at the handle allows the skewers to be rotated at any angle in order to grill your meat on all sides. The width of the these skewers is convenient for most variations of Kebabs, Kabobs, Khorovats, Shashlyk, etc. It prevents the meat from rotations on the skewer and also helps to cook it from the inside. The thickness of the skewers makes them solid enough to not bent under the wight of meat. Width: 1cm Thickness: 1.8mm Length: 50 or 60cm

Classic Shashlyk/Kebab/Khorovats Skewers
High Quality Food Grade Stainless Steel
Dishwasher Safe
Very Useful Twist Allow Rotation to Any Angle


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