12 Cedar Grilling Planks for Salmon and More + 2 Hardwood Planks (Alder)



This bundle includes 12 of our 5″ x 11″ Western Red Cedar Grilling Planks + 2 Free Alder planks + a free recipe eBook. They provide delicious smoky flavor to your grilled foods. Enjoy moist and healthy entrees like salmon, chicken, pork chops, and steak! Our planks have a proven track record, and you won’t be disappointed! And with a bonus 2 Free Alder Planks and an eBook full of recipes, how can you go wrong?
14 PLANK BUNDLE WITH FREE E-BOOK – Our package includes 12 Cedar Planks plus your choice of flavor – Alder, Hickory, or Maple (scroll options under “Material Type”) for 2 FREE planks! You’ll also receive a free e-book full of recipes to try with your new grilling planks!
SUPERIOR QUALITY – You will find the quality of our untreated wooden planks to be much better, and leave a fire-grilled, smoky, gourmet-quality taste that outperforms other leading planks!
GREAT VARIETY OF OPTIONS – Alder is great for cooking salmon of course, but it’s also perfect for other types of fish, chicken, veggies, pork chops and more! Add juice, wine, or beer to your boards’ soak for added flavor or use them in the oven or on the grill for a spicy, fragrant flavor. Feel like a meat smoking master at your next bbq!
MADE IN THE USA – These planks are sourced, manufactured and packaged in the USA. Our manufacturing site is a Certified Food Grade Facility using no additives or chemicals! We only want the best for our customers, in both food quality and safety!
LARGE ENOUGH FOR FAMILY SIZED MEALS – Sized at 5 x 11 x 3/8 in, you can fit 2-4 servings on each board! If you are looking to grill an entire salmon fillet on one board, we also offer oversized boards!


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